Jonah Ansell is a problem solver & a process shepherd.

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I use creativity to reframe problems and invent solutions that fuel growth

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I guide intersectional teams to achieve award-winning outcomes

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ABOUT ME: I build best-in-class programming, products and content for Fortune 500 corporations, growth startups and government agencies. Fluent in both strategy and creative, I’ve founded two successful firms and separately led marketing and business development for a mid-sized Omnicom marketing firm that grew revenue by 4x in two years; winning recognition as New Media Agency of the Year (Holmes Report). I currently lead Creative for JAMS Productions, a boutique integrated marketing and content development firm in Los Angeles that has grown revenue 8x since inception.

I wield 15+ years experience leading teams to achieve measurable outcomes – digitally and offline. I have devised a social media measurement tool awarded Product of the Year (Holmes Report). My data-informed, customer-obsessed, storytelling focus shapes how I problem solve and has helped me earn features in Entrepreneur, Adweek, NY Times, LA Times, USA Today and Vogue.

I love to understand what drives human behavior. I’ve been invited to keynote at Pixar (San Francisco) & Comic-Con (San Diego) to share best practices on optimizing creative workflow. My original creative content has starred Samuel L. Jackson, been celebrated by Ava DuVernay, been shared by Jared Leto, and been devoured by millions across the globe. Whether it’s pitching new business, birthing new products, or designing campaigns that shift behaviors, I get energized when confronting meaningful challenges.

EXPERIENCE: Unilever, Hyatt, Domino's, Wendy's, Subway, Bud Light, Nissan, Dell, Microsoft, Effen, Jim Beam, FEMA, CDC, Capital One, Newell-Rubbermaid, Kimberly-Clark, Horizon Organic, International Truck & Engine, Harland Clarke, etc.

VALUES: Outcomes rock! But process matters. These six virtues shape how I lead: 


How can we align teammates toward a shared, data-informed goal? How can we nurture an ecosystem that invites communication and cooperation?


If the only way to assess growth is to measure it, how can we formalize key metrics and KPIs to track impact? How can the insights we uncover illuminate new problems worth solving?


How can we place our humanity at the nucleus of our work? Brené Brown celebrates vulnerability as “the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.”  Vulnerability inspires cliché-quashing, award-snagging work.


Loving what you do means adoring the next obstacle. Excellence isn’t an outcome. It’s an attitude, fueled by the joy of grappling with whatever confounds us. The greatest work doesn’t only move metrics, it makes meaning.


How do we live the principles that guide our reason for being – with pride, sincerity and accountability? 


How can we invite faith, fuel curiosity, inspire teammates & unleash creativity?

CURRENT ROLE: Founded JAMS, an award-winning integrated marketing and creative development firm that designs and delivers innovative 360-degree campaigns and original content for corporate, government, and non-profit clients


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  • Lead strategy and creative direction for all integrated marketing campaigns — overseeing ad campaigns, pr campaigns, digital engagement, commercials, websites, products, and content — building cohesive branding & messaging and bringing to life 360-degree programming that fuels measurable digital and offline outcomes

  • Oversee and grow client relationships by executing data-driven content strategies that lucidly articulate clients’ messaging and brand promise to core audiences through relevant digital, print, written and video content that reaches people where they are

  • Source and manage a variety of entertainment talent, including A-list actors, writers, directors, producers, and more to develop and deliver world-class creative content

  • Nourish a collaborative, passionate, and creative atmosphere among multicultural teams, elevating entire production process from initial conception through launch — mentoring team members to step into their strength and make their biggest impact

  • Effectively communicate core goals, timelines, and big-picture vision with teams, articulating clear design, style, and tone guidelines to ensure alignment with clients’ brands and messaging

  • Utilize data and analytics to continually optimize campaigns across multiple platforms and mediums

  • Manage key stakeholder relationships and third-party firms (PR, experiential, interactive)

  • Consistently earn coverage and personal features in NY Times, NPR, MTV, CNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, USA Today, Elle, Vogue, Jezebel, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Chicago Tribune, Esquire, and more

  • Manage large-scale budgets, expertly allocating campaign resources to achieve the highest impact