MOOSE is a coming-of-age story that explores the empathy gaps that inhibit us from seeing the ‘humanity’ in someone who looks different than us. Told through the lens of an animal rights fable, MOOSE is in fact a story about human rights, and the path to learning to love any ‘other’ as our brother.

Written & Directed by Jonah Ansell. Produced by Erin Breen. Animated by Abe Dieckman. Scored by Chris Thomas. Sound by Sung Rok Choi. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kathy Bates.

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Jonah Ansell - Jonah D Ansell

CADAVER is a bittersweet, animated love story written and directed by Jonah D. Ansell.  The film stars Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd, Academy Award winner Kathy Bates and fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson.  The film tells the story of a Cadaver who wakes up to say a last goodbye to his wife, but discovers a truth in death he didn’t know in life.  The entire film was hand drawn with permanent markers and animated using Adobe After Effects.  MTV has hailed the film, featuring the music of Neil Young and Pet Shop Boys, as “darkly beautiful.”  Cadaver has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Vogue, Elle, Onion A.V. Club, and more.  The film played the film festival circuit in 2012-2013, was longlisted for a 2013 Academy Award, and published as an adult picture book (Academy Chicago Publishers).  More information can be found at

Cadaver is a graphic novel written by Jonah D. Ansell, illustrated by Carina Simmons, Eric Vennemeyer & Abe Dieckman.  It was published by Academy Chicago Publishers in April 13 and quickly became a top 1,200 book on Amazon upon launch.  The book trailer premiered in New York Magazine.  Music from the book premiered in USA Today (Neil Young and the Pet Shop Boys performed by Tavi Gevinson). The book itself was unveiled at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

FIRST BASS is a bittersweet comedy written and produced by Jonah D. Ansell, featuring Tavi Gevinson and Mark Borchardt. Shot on-site at Chicago’s Wrigley Field and sponsored by Wendy’s, FIRST BASS tells the story of a 12-year-old music prodigy who tricks her mom into thinking she is practicing her instrument and instead sneaks out to Wrigley Field with the boy from across the street.  But when she arrives at Wrigley, she discovers a truth about her divorced parents that changes her relationship with her mother and her instrument, forever.